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Fed’s Harker: Fed Policy Will Not Change

Vaccination rates continue to increase in the United States, and citizens are supported by a strong stimulus package currently. The U.S. economy is expected to grow by around 5% to 6% next year. This is not stopping the Federal Reserve from withdrawing any support just yet, says Philadelphia’s Federal Reserve Bank President, Patrick Harker.  Harker […]

NZD Retail Sentiment Takes A Dive

Retail sentiment for the NZD has taken a huge dive following the previous few days of risk currency selling. In an industry where a large % of retail traders lose it’s good to be a contrarian, and I remain stead fast in my bullish outlook for the NZD. The question is this – when is […]

Economic “Scarring” Concerns For USA

Richmond, Virginia Federal Bank President , Tom Barkin, has expressed concerns over possibilities of economic scarring following the coronavirus impacts. Barkin cites that decreased risk of Covid-19 (through vaccines & falling case rates), excessive savings, and warmer weather all should help increase consumer spending in the USA. The concerns surrounding economic surrounding are regarding the […]

AUD Deemed at Fairpoint Mid Value By Westpac

A tweet from Robert Rennie, Westpac, shows the AUDUSD to be trading at fair value at 0.7720. The model shows the low end or “cheap” end to be below 0.7450 and the high or “expensive” end to be over 0.80. Rennie replied to his own tweet stating that a 10 year differential model would produce […]

FX Fundamental Breakdown – 22 Mar 2021

USD Failing to make a strong move in either direction, the dollar traded within a range in the last week. As expected, the Fed continued to hold rates at 0.25% last week. During their statement, they were surprisingly dovish. Stating that actual, current data was their main focus and not optimistic forecasts, which sparked some […]

NZDUSD 2021 Forex Forecast – FX Forecasts

The NZD (New Zealand Dollar) has been one of the strongest major currencies over the last year, as the low number of Covid-19 cases has allowed their economy to prosper whilst other global economies were not so fortunate. Over the next 12 months will we continue to see the flightless bird take flight? We say […]

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