Europe Restarts it’s Vaccine Rollout

After the Eurozone came across multiple hurdles in their vaccination rollout, including delayed deliveries and concerning side effects, the EU can now resume its rollout of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The European Union’s drug regulator found that the positives of the vaccine outweigh any side effects that it could incur. The J&J vaccine must now come with a warning added to the product, indicating the possible link to rare blood clots. 


After United States regulators decided to pause the distribution of the J&J vaccine, the company decided to follow suit in the EU. However, now that the distribution of the vaccine will continue, it raises hopes of the continents’ ability to control the surge of the virus and reopen economies earlier than anticipated. 


The EU’s vaccination rollout is creating hopefulness for politicians, health officials and investors. The EUR has increased by 2.5% this month after it decreased in Q1.