Fusion Markets is a FX / CFD broker based out of Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2017, Fusion Markets first opened for retail traders in 2019, and is ASIC licensed as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Gleneagle Asset Management Limited, and share their AFSL No 226199. They also operate in Vanuatu, regulated by the VFSC. 


So, Why Is Fusion Markets A Rising Star Among Other Forex Brokers?


Fusion Markets has rapidly grown since going live in 2019, as forex traders have met their leading pricing with warm reception. Having held an account with Fusion Markets from the very early days, I’ve been impressed as they’ve continued to add tradable products to their portfolio, provide their traders with more tools, reduced their minimum deposit to $0, offered increasingly brilliant customer support, and removed all funding fees.


These are great features, but the bottom line is the bottom line! Fusion Markets’ spreads are competitive, and their $4.5 round trip commissions are what makes Fusion Markets shine. That is only $2.25 per side/lot. Let’s have a look at the spread + commission of Fusion Markets against some of their competitors. 


Fusion Markets is ahead of the industry in many regards; customer support, tradable products, pricing and funding methods, however there is certainly room for improvement.


Where Could Fusion Markets Improve?


Trading Platforms

Currently Fusion Markets only offer the MetaTrader 4 Platform, which is great for many, but is limiting for some. Adding additional trading platforms would be a great value add. 


Trader Resources

Fusion Markets has come a long way since I first opened an account, adding Trading Central tools into their portal (they have a great portal too!), however Fusion Markets still fall behind market leaders on the trader resources offered. Some resources they could add are: more MT4 plugins (such as risk calculators, equity monitors, or a heatmap), webinars, or educational resources. 

Other Than That?

Other than that, Fusion Markets is a great up & coming forex brokerage, with good spreads, great customer service & excellent overall pricing. 

To find out more about Fusion Markets go here!