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Will the USDMXN run counter to general dollar strength?

USDMXN made a rebound this week as the USD restarted its momentum to the upside.  The US dollar has found a mild bullish impetus in Jerome Powell’s ECB forum appearance where he  reiterated his hawkish outlook for the US economy. Powell believes that the US economy remains well  positioned to absorb tighter credit conditions while […]

Crude oil analysis points to bullish turnaround

Crude oil experienced a significant drop in price over the past two weeks. This week, however, it  appears the energy commodity is bouncing back to the bullish side.  The fall in the price of oil since May was triggered by the fear of a recession, in the US in particular, and numerous central banks’ moving […]

Economic view of the Australian dollar

As fears that a recession is just around the corner for the US, some economists are warning  that Australia could follow suit.  Some, however, remain bullish on the Australian economy due to high household savings,  strong commodity exports, accommodative government stimulus and a robust pipeline of  residential building constructions.  Emerging from pandemic-induced recession  The Australian […]

Is the NZDUSD bearish or bullish?

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), showing concern about inflation, made another 50bsp hike during May taking its Official Cash Rate to 2.0%. The hawkish tone and actions of the RBNZ paired with  fears the US economy could tip into a recession by the end of the year have helped the NZD regain some  […]

What it means for US stocks to be in a bear market

Wall Street has officially fallen into a bear market as investor sentiment is hammered by soaring  inflation, rising interest rates and worries about a looming recession in the world’s largest  economy.  A bear market occurs when a stock index like the S&P 500 falls by 20% over a sustained period  from a recent high. Conversely, […]

Is the US on the brink of a recession?

Nearly 70% of academic economists recently surveyed by the Financial Times in partnership  with the Initiative on Global Markets at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business  expect the US economy to fall into a recession in 2023.  Of those that expect the next US recession to begin next year, most predict the downturn […]

What does the MACD say about the NAS100 and the SPX?

This year has been no joke for the US stock market.   Of the 24 weekly candles that make up this year’s chart on the S&P 500 (SPX), only 7 have finished  bullish. The Dow jones Industrial Average (US30) and the Nasdaq Composite (NAS100), the US’s 2 other  major indices, have followed similarly in 2022. We […]

Apple enters BNPL sector, unveils Apple Pay Later

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is planning to offer buy now, pay later (BNPL) services in the US despite concerns of a potential market squeeze as more providers have a crack at the sector amid growing consumer borrowing and spending. Apple intends to launch its BNPL offering later in 2022 through its Apple Pay mobile payment and […]


A large fundamental factor for USD traders to consider is the mass layoffs in American tech & web3 companies, with thousands of job losses being reported. The next NFP is likely to show a negative number, and between the “sell the news” from the fed hike ,and selling the rumour for declining US employment I’m […]

PFOF, fees, meme stocks, UST; 4 actions by the SEC explained

Ban on payment for order flow  In what could be the biggest shake-up of US equity market rules, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering a total ban on the payment for order flow (PFOF) practice, which has been growing in recent years to the detriment of small firms and other mom-and-pop investors.  […]

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