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Who Is Evergrande, And Why Are They Important?

Evergrande Group (HKG: 3333) is China’s second-largest real estate developer, responsible for over 1,300 construction projects across mainland China. Alongside its many apartments and commercial buildings, Evergrande has also constructed an extremely precarious balance sheet since going public in 2009. As such, the Group is struggling to meet its debt obligations. Evergrande has approximately US […]

Stock Buybacks. Why Do Companies Buy Back Their Own Stock?

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced on 15/09/2021 that it would spend US $60 billion buying its own stock. As of writing, MSFT is trading at US ~$300.00 per share, which means Microsoft will be buying approximately 200 million shares and removing them from public circulation. Indeed, 200 million is only 2% of the total 7.51 billion […]

Silver hits fresh new lows for 2021

Silver got no love last week, suffering its worst week in thirteen weeks, and raking up a fourth straight month of losses. After losing US $1.35/t.oz between September 13 and September 18, the metal closed on Friday at US $22.38/t.oz. Before last week, Silver had not traded sub-US $22.50/t.oz for the entire 2021. One would […]

NZDJPY Bullish Seasonality September to December

17 of 77 (22%) of Sep / Oct / Nov / Dec have closed bearish since December 2001, showing that the period has a strong bullish seasonal tendency. In other words, 78% of months during this period the NZD/JPY has closed up. The following data is from 2001-2020. Coupling this with the news that the […]

What US Stocks Are The Largest Gainers In 2021?

The last two weeks haven’t exactly been ideal for the major US indices. Since the end of August, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq 100 have been down 1.54%, 0.93%, and 0.51%, respectively. The decline in these indices is all the more striking as they have followed an impressive run […]

XAUUSD Eyes 1700 Support

XAUUSD is turning bearish, and is currently eyeing downside into the 1700 support level. Gold has held above the 1700 USD mark since early 2020, however has formed a similar pattern to the previous gold highs in 2011 / 2012. If price is able to break below this support the next key demand zone lies […]

Has Palladium hit rock bottom?

Palladium is currently trading at USD 1,974/t.oz, a 13-month low for the soft silver-white mineral. In August 2020, Palladium was trading at such a price before it shot up within a hair’s width of USD 3,000/t.oz. The metal’s current price is sitting snuggly between two weak touchstone levels. Over the coming trading week, we could […]

What is your strategy for trading GBPUSD this week?

Devising a strategy for trading the GBPUSD requires an intimate knowledge of the technical and fundamental variables that affect this fan favourite pair. A perfect strategy is elusive for the GBPUSD, but a good or great strategy is within reach. Let’s look at the technical and fundamental variables that will push and pull the GBPUSD […]

AUD; Are you trading the commodity currency?

​The Australian Dollar (AUD) is commonly referred to as a commodity currency. As in, the relative strength of the currency is correlated with the price of certain commodities. For the AUD, Iron Ore and precious metals are the commodities that significantly impact its value. Be that as it may, there is more to the AUD […]

What’s Happening In The Bond Market?

US Government Bond Yields have fallen, along with the US Dollar. The 10-Year Note yield fell below the 1.3% level to 1.287%, and the 30-Year Note dropped below 2%, with a 1.91% yield.

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