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AUDCHF Approaches Key Level

AUDCHF is approaching a key monthly pivot level (see chart below). The forex pair has been on a steady downtrend in Q2 2021, and volatility has largely left the market. There are a number of support confluences in the zone and the overall picture painted is still bullish. Price is set right between the 50 […]

El Salvador Seeks World Bank Help To Adopt Bitcoin

Adding to our previous article, El Salvador has sought assistance from the World Bank to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya of El Salvador has said that they are seeking guidance on rules and implementation. Making Bitcoin a legally accepted tender is a revolutionary move, however comes with a complex implementation as […]

USD Jumps As Feds Signals 2023 Rate Hike

Yesterday the Federal Reserve signalled that they have moved their next projected rate hike from 2024 to 2023. The move comes following inflationary concerns and large scale bond buying, and some Fed officials even see a rate raise occurring in 2022. Fed Chair Powell has stated his confidence in America’s economic recovery and expects 7% […]

EURUSD Makes Humble Gains

EUR has made humble gains against the USD today, making a bounce from the 50 day moving average. One the daily chart price has bounded from the resistance trendline and has slowly grinded to the downside. In the last few days we’ve seen immediate support at the 50 day MA. So far in 2021 the […]

N. Korea Food Shortage

Kim Jong Un has stated that North Korea’s economy has improved so far in 2021, however the food situation is ‘tense’. In the last year industrial output in North Korea has increased 25%. The food shortages are due to typhoons and the global pandemic according to state media. The news comes following speculation that Kim […]

Covid 19 Update Uneven Recovery Globally

It comes as no surprise that different countries have had different recoveries from the Covid-19 pandemic. First world countries with access to vaccine supplies have recovered significantly, whilst third world countries remain disadvantaged. Recent headlines reflect this uneven recovery. The USA has recovered significantly, and the New York Governor has now lifted remaining Covid 19 […]

BoJ Considers Covid Relief Extension

The Bank of Japan has considered extending relief plans beyond September, and we may receive early notice at the BoJ Policy Meeting (17th-18th June). Tokyo apparently has also considered asking bars to remain closed. The JPY has weakened against the USD so far this week on the rumours. As they say “buy the rumour, sell […]

AUD Housing Data Dissapoints

AUD Housing data this morning has disappointed. 5.4% growth actual v 5.5% consensus (Q1, QoQ) 7.5% growth (Q1, YoY) Speculation of interest rate increases in 2022 have started to spook the Australian housing. Our outlook this morning appears to be correct, however the damage is light.

AUD Data Upcoming Today

AUD data is set to be released early Asia Session today. The RBA Meeting Minutes and House Price Index Data are set to be released. Housing data previously has shown significant in the industry. That said, as central banks are starting to assess future rate plans we may see house price index take a downturn […]

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